SSPX & Dialogue Masses

Letter found on, Tradition in Action from a reader:


SSPX Promoting Dialogue Mass

Regarding your series on the Dialogue Mass by Dr. Carol Byrne.

The biggest promoter of the Dialog Mass in the post-Vatican II period has been the SSPX founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. This Mass has been the norm in the French chapels of this Society for a very long time, and is now becoming commonplace in all the other countries where the SSPX operates.

It just does not make sense to me to hear a congregation mechanically responding in Latin at a Mass which Fr. Faber described as the greatest thing this side of heaven.

The Dialogue Mass has damaged the Mass!

Yours faithfully,



Adrienne says: They have an ongoing series there why dialogue masses are not good. I agree with them. God help us.

see also:

Pope Pius X’s aim was to reform Gregorian chant, not active participation @ Tradition in Action.


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