The Dialogue Mass: Dangerous to The Faith – updates: 6/30/14,

JMJ ‘He who does not know the truth cannot truly have faith; for by nature knowledge precedes faith.’ – St. Mark the Ascetic


 A burning desire to do away with quiet prayer and private devotions

These excellent links can be found on: Tradition in Action and all open there, off-site of GHYH. They explain the errors of The Dialogue Masses and why they are dangerous to The Faith. An excellent education based on The Faith and true history you probably are not aware of.

God Bless you.

Links: A Plea for Silent Participation in the Liturgy – I

Pius X Did Not Call for ‘Active Participation’ in the Liturgy – II

The Start of the New Liturgical Reform – III

Dialogue Mass, a Tool to Democratize Liturgy –IV

Laity-Clergy Class Struggle Based on ‘Active Participation’ – V

Participation, Vocalization & Vulgarization – VI

Pius XI vs St. Pius X on Active Participation – VII

Pius XI Endorses the Liturgical Revolution – VIII

How Pius XI Paved the Way to Vatican II – update added on GHYH: June 30, 2013

Possibly more to come…

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