Images courtesy of: DM @ Crusaders of the Immaculate Heart

One thought on “DEAR HOLY FATHER,

  1. He does not HAVE to be a real priest – The Papacy is ADMINISTRATIVE. He was validly elected (we assume) so he IS the Pope. Even a heretic can make the Consecration of Russia to The Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with all The Bishops of the world according to her directions. He can convert before, after, or never. Wishful thinking would be that you have researched these facts, which you have not. Let us continue to pray the rosary for the Consecration – it is THE ONLY WAY. You can join Crusaders of The Immaculate Heart and sign up to pray in union with us all. You can visit In This Sign You Shall Conquer to download sermons. You can also download Canon Gregor Hesses (RIP) on you tube – he talks about the Papcy and that it is ADMINISTRATIVE in full conference. God Bless you – although we share the same sentiment regarding the Pope, we must be well informed and unite in the cause without surrender. VIVA CRISTO REY!

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