3 thoughts on “Sermon Padre Hewko What is the Holy Mass August 2014

  1. I wondered if your members might like to join in with a bread and water fast day on each Monday for the two months outlined. We are taking two months at a time to see how we go.

    The intention, as you will see, is to support the resistance priests>Archbishop Lefebvre and to unite us as a community, not just in Australia, but throughout the whole world and especially since so many in the resistance itself are becoming sede at heart.

    I am not concerned about whether it stays in our hands or in the hands of other blogs, just so long as there is a movement in that direction – and that it is united with and in a common purpose. Many resistance members and priests are taking up the sede position and there is a vast Trad. organised movement right across the globe towards what looks to be an uprising.

    The Links to the fast thread is :


    Fr. Chazal brought us up to date on the seriousness of the problem when he visited us recently.

    The recorded tapes are on Cor Mariae. he direct links of the recorded conferences by Fr. Chasal are below. You have to be a member to access them normally, but you are welcome publish them yourself without reference to us if you wish to put them in your website.






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