Be Prepared: The List of What Is Forbidden in Cuba A.K.A.: A Look at things to Come…

Be Prepared: The List of
What Is Forbidden in Cuba


Benedict XVI went to Cuba to lent the Church’s support to the aging dictator

Cosme Beccar Varela
Mr. Cosme Beccar Varela from Argentina sent TIA this list. It is a good reminder that Communism is alive and oppressive in Cuba. We believe the warning is pertinent to the situation in the United States today as well as Argentina. We will let our readers be the judge of this. – TIA

Everyone in Argentina knows that the presidential usurper Cristina Kirchner and her accomplices are friends and supporters of the Castro’s tyranny and its partners, the Venezuelan “Chavistas.” All or almost all believe that this is a harmless “sympathy,” the fruit of a “stale” ideology that has been stuck in their heads since their time as Marxist guerrillas. But we should not worry because WHAT HAPPENED IN CUBA WILL NEVER HAPPEN HERE.

Well, for those optimists who think so, give them this list that I received from a good friend, a Cuban in exile. A single reading can make the hair stand on end. I know perfectly well that those optimists despise such warnings, even though some of these things are already being implemented in our country. Never mind. It is published and they can read it if they like.

If you want to do something so that this horror is halted, you can. If you prefer to continue looking the other way, you can also do that, which is what will probably happen. So be it. It is God in Heaven who asks an account.


In Communist Cuba, it is forbidden:

1. To travel abroad without government permission. One can only leave Cuba with an official pass (the famous White Card), and the process of obtaining it can take years and in many cases will never be granted. Health workers, those in the State ministries, the armed forces, or elite athletes, among others, must wait at least 5 years, but in most cases they never get the permit;

Fidel Castro the demagogue
Fidel Castro, the demagogue who promised a paradise and gave a hell to the Cuban people

2. To travel abroad for work purposes with one’s spouse and/or children (with the exception of some high officials);

3. To change jobs without government permission;

4 –To change one’s address: Any changes demand dozens of regulations;

Read the rest  HERE at Tradition in Action.

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