2 thoughts on “ILLUMINATI PLANS 2015 – To Kill Billion People ( NEW WORLD ORDER 2015 )

  1. Great DVD fully of truth about lucifer and his minions in the secular world but Rome what about the give men dressed in white who are also traitors and worked for lucifer openly denying and changing Gods church abusing Mary the All the truths that where handed down and let’s not forget the Saints and Martrys
    Who no longer are respected or even talked about, I pray you reach some supposed real catholics because the time has run out and in my chapels coffee and cake take preference to knowledge into wisdom towards God my last note I am a Roman Catholic that follows the traditions of the one true church I am older and a pole who will not give up mt faith or country for these luciferians

  2. I apologize my computer has been misspelling words on its on I have others who have told me the same thing happening to them I ad in this I do jot hear or see any fear of lost salvation from supposed trads they will jotbe even look up to see them being sprayed upon like lab rats put geo eng video on show this horrible situation daily Going on thru out the world three clergy only I heard how they fear there own salvation Bishop Williamson Bishop Santay and Father Bitzer where are the rest of the clergy notalk of hell Mary’s warming or truth

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