Open Letter from Fr. Voigt about Boston, KY mess

Taken from CathInfo – this is a link to the reference of the letter of Fr. Voigt:

This was where I could obtain the link to the letter.

The letter PDF link here:

Fr Pfeiffer said Fr Voigt left because he asked him to leave.

Fr. Voigt does not specifically say that he chose to leave; but it reads to me as though he decided he could not stay there any longer. That is just my take from his letter; not anything more.

I am no Pablo fan. That is my own opinion.

Otherwise; finger pointing and someone is not telling the truth: wow.

Pray. I know I am.

One thought on “Open Letter from Fr. Voigt about Boston, KY mess

  1. Now I understand why Fr. Voight is no longer there in Kentucky! It seems they are not taking these warnings seriously either: Fr. Chazel in this video analyzes “Bp Ambrose” own statements in exposing him as a fake and liar.Interesting enough this man wears a ponytail and says he is 66 years and 6 months old. It is an incredible analysis and is worth listening to.

    We are living in difficult times but we can’t despair no matter what happens!

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