One thought on “INFO! Fr.Chazal warns Fr.Pfeiffer of Bishop Ambrose

  1. Why does Fr. Pfeiffer continue to push is agenda by defending Ambrose Moran via his “word” and knocking down Fr. Chazal’s warning and critique, but not by presenting credentials or and other actual, physical proofs? That is why Mr. Larosa has investigated Ambrose and found him only associated with schismatic Orthodox, rather than Catholic Bishops and priests. Fr. Pfeiffer needs to make a public declaration showing Moran’s credentials, or at least links where the faithful can find them, to close this scandal. why not, Father?

    Fr. Pfeiffer, do you mean to tell me, even if this man has no credentials, that we can attend his or any questionable “masses” as per Canon Law, without consequence to ourselves as sheep?

    Wrong. I may as well go around the corner to my local conciliar parish. =:^O


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