SPECIAL REPORT: MURDER in The Diocese of Buffalo?


‘Blessed the one who has not defiled his hands with unseemly deeds like one accursed, for about this there will be a judgment in the dread day in the presence of the Lord.’

St. Ephrem of Syria


A whistleblower priest ends up dead

video and report:


God Rest Bishop †Robert C. Morlino

Yet another good Bishop leaving us too soon:

SEE: https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/2018/11/24/madison-bishop-robert-morlino-suffers-serious-cardiac-event/2106064002/

Seems like the above link tells yet another story of a Bishop that dies coincidentally after criticizing The New Order in The Church and that he was also planning to ordain more “good men” to the priesthood because there is so much evil in The New Church.

Catholic Identity Conference 2018


‘In God’s Name! The soldiers will fight, and God will give the victory.’

– St. Joan of Arc

CIC-Logo-Church-No-BG-REV01 November 02, 2018 until November 04, 2018

My husband and I attended this weekend in Pennsylvania, USA:

All of the speakers were excellent and many people we spoke with were aware of the evils in Rome and throughout The Catholic Church, but we didn’t know how malignant it all has become.

We came from New York State and were born into Catholic Tradition (see video above) then everyone, man, woman, children became overtaken by Vatican II. It seemed odd and unwelcome by some and others were swept up in “changes” throughout the Mass and The Faith. More and more we were engrossed in Modernism (it is a sin, BTW) and we have come back home to The Traditional Catholic Church and True Faith since slowly re-discovering The Catholic Traditional roots we were born into.

I ended up quitting my job of 33 years as a “Folk Group/Orgainst/Choir Directress” (bleh)  and a great sinner in and out of The Churches, since God was tapping me on the shoulder to wake up and smell the rotten fruits of ‘NewChurch’ and get my own soul in order, which, BTW, I am and will continue to work on… ( a few dollars lost, but what Treasures we’ve  gained!).

It took some time to fully commit, but by The Grace of God and His Holy and Immaculate Mother Mary, we are home. At least, wherever we could find a True Catholic Latin Mass, Sacraments and good priests (sometimes that meant modern, “catacombs” such as hotel rooms and peoples’ homes.).

We learned about †Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre SSPX only when we bought our first computer. Funny how things present themselves. There’s a little more, but let it suffice to say, with a few sacrifices, we are truly at home in The Traditional and unchanging Catholic Faith.

Thank you to the heroes who have passed like Archbishop Lefebvre, who would not go along with the  destruction and ursupation of The True Mass, Sacraments and Faith that The Second Vatican Council foisted upon good Catholics in order to change everything from The Holy Mysteries to the banal displays and spurious at best “sacraments and masses.”  “Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.”

I also credit these good men for assisting in holding on to The True Catholic Mass, Faith and Tradition:

Our Catholic Resistance Bishops:  Bishop Faure, Bishop Thomas Aquinas, Bishop Zendajas & Bishop Williamson (see images left sidebar above).

†Fr. Malachi Martin

†F. Gregory Hesse

†Fr. Nicholas Gruner of The Fatima Center

Fr. Richard Voigt (conditionally re-ordained by SSPX but still maintains he is a Salasian)

Fr. Juan Ortiz

…and many more good priests too numerous to mention here who were and many still are Warriors for The True Faith.

Thank you Michael Matt of The Remnantnewspaper and also †Joseph John Vennari, former Editor of The Catholic Family News and also a very close friend and Speaker along with †Fr. Gruner at The Fatima Center for many years.

May those listed above and many more unsung heroes still living continue the fight with all of us.

†Eternal Rest grant unto these good men O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. †Requiescat in pace. Amen.

P.S. – the information we were updated with during this 2018 CIC gathering included priests, a video from Bishop Schneider, lay reporters in Rome and other qualified representative and reporters from Rome who all gave us updates and most of it was indeed grave and dark. But, Hope in God and Trust in His Holy and Immaculate Mother Mary to help us all.

“…and The Truth shall set you free…”.

Hope to see you there next year, God Willing. Amen.

Don’t even get me started about Pope Francis. Just pray for his Conversion to The True Faith. Pray hard.

St. Joan of Arc and St. Paul, ora pro nobis. Amen.

Catholic Identity Conference: Nov 2-4, 2018 – Pittsburgh, PA


Register for the Catholic Identity Conference today!   Follow this link to the Catholic Identity Conference website for more information and to register.


GHYH’s Bouycott Running List:


“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, do I give unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid.”    [John 14:27]


Pantocrator: Jesus, The Great Judge

#1 – Billy Joel – “Only The Good Die Young” – A direct shot: tempting, mocking and making evil advances to young ladies to leave The Holy Catholic Religion and become whores.

I wouldn’t give you a plug nickel for any of his music as a result of this song. Many of his other songs are not wholesome, either.

#3 – John Lennon- “Imagine” – Anti-God and Communist. I wouldn’t give a fig for his other music with or without The Beatles.

#4 – The Beatles – all bad.

more soon…


Pope Francis Scandals: EXPOSED! Vatican II & the Vigano Effect

Michael Matt at The Remnant Newspaper:

Cuomo threatens lawsuit over federal abortion changes – WHO IS HE TO DECIDE THAT BABIES SHOULD DIE?

“Any country that accepts abortion, is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what it wants.”
St. Mother Teresa

Gov Cuomo is a baby murderer by choice: he is challenging President Trump over funding for abortions (A.K.K. = Baby Butchering!).


A Baby is a LIFE forming at the moment of conception.

What has happened to the country and our leaders?

What kind of scared rabbit is Cuomo that he’d rather sentence innocent children to a cruel death instead of standing up to the abortion mills and misguided women who think abortion is just another way to rid themselves of caring for a baby so they can go out and screw around again. In all fairness: for you Mothers who were raped or forced with incest, please give your unwanted baby a chance with a loving, adoptive family, if you cannot do it yourself.

Gov. Cuomo: let the babies live. You are a scared rabbit because you are terrified of the murderous abortionists. You are afraid of loosing your cushy home and live-in, “friend” if you would choose to stand up for the lives of innocent children.

New York is a sad place, indeed. I’m ashamed to call it my home.

I will pray for you.

America hasn’t got the guts to say “NO!” to butchering babies. YES: BABIES.

Stand up America!    Save your souls and the souls of these little ones.

That is, IF YOU HAVE THE LOVE AND GUTS to do so.

Toss your hot chocolate and give your support to a Governor who will save lives.

Our Lady of Guadaloupe, Pray for Us!