How Do We Dress and Act?


Ecclesiasticus 7:21
Depart not from a wise and good wife, whom thou hast gotten
in the fear of the Lord: for the grace of her modesty is above gold.

How do we dress and act?

Granted; not everything vintage is appropriate! True: there were always scantily clad and disheveled looking women strutting around since Adam and Eve were banished from The Garden of Eden.

So: does that give us reason enough today to walk around like slobs and/or mostly naked in front of our family, friends, and strangers? Our children?


If beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder,
then we as a society have become truly blind.

The source of it all: the complete lack of The One, True Faith Teachings, or the contempt of them; whether or not you are a practicing Catholic. Dressing well for the sake of itself is pride, or to attract attention is also pride. Dressing like a slob or an exhibitionist in either case deserves no prize for honor or appearance.

Pretty dresses and hair - even for those of us who are not skinny!Sewthem, or have a seamstress make some for you!


We have abandoned the sacrifice of dressing modestly out of respect for God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and The Saints and Angels who are constantly in our presence. We have no respect for others, not even our own children, or ourselves.

Sewing your own, or having pretty dresses made just for you!

It starts with being led around by the nose willingly, trying to keep up with what every one else is wearing and doing; even at the expense of our own faith and morals — no matter how ugly we actually become inside and out, we fool ourselves into believing that current “fashions” and bad actions are true beauty and the only way to be accpeted by society. [BUZZER: WRONG!]

Take a GOOD look in the mirror after viewing these images I have posted here – how do you compare? Is your hair an attractive length, or chopped-off, spiked, or dyed? Are your clothes of good taste and good quality? Do they make you look wholesome and respectable? Are your nails 6 inches long, painted red or aqua with decals like on a racing car? Is your nose ring infected or really all that “pretty”? Is your flesh hanging out? Are you perpetually tugging at your clothing?

Sew a simple, cotton dress for everyday, Church, or even shopping!

Do your thighs rub together and stick? Are you jeans ripped and grungy, and did you actually think throwing away your hard-earned money for them was a good idea? Are you angry quite often? Are you selfish? Do you make sacrifices for others? Your family? Are you Holy, or do you swear and give lewd gestures? Do you like to get attention from the way you dress (or don’t dress) and act? Do you allow or even encourage your own children to do the same? Are you an honest person?

Without The Traditional Catholic Faith which we had before Vatican II, we are doomed to condemnation of soul and body; we’ve already lost our minds and given them over to the devil.

more to come… check back often!

If you don’t like my little article; pray over it.

In the meantime, I pray for you all.

Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us!

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