IMHO: Canada Apologizes to the Wrong Priest

A certain “Resistance-minded” Catholic, “up North” from us has groveled and apologized to the wrong priest. IMHO, Bishop Richard Williamson deserves an apology and an invitation to celebrate The Traditional Roman Rite up there rather than the two Renegades who think they are the only ones with the “correct” faith. I pray for all.

Sister  Lucia

Funny Juice. Diabolical Disorientation. IDK. It must be the water…

Resistance Masses in Buffalo NY Area

1.) Mass & Conference Scheduled with
Fr. Zendajas & His Excellency
†Thomas Aquinas
on Wed., Oct. 26, 2016
At The Fairfield Marriott Hotel
(across from The Buffalo Airport)
4271 Genesee St., Cheektowaga, NY
in the Hawthorne Room
approximate times:
5 – 10PM
Mass at 6pm
Confessions before
and Conference after Mass.


2.) Mass is scheduled for December 2016
Offered by Fr. Juan Ortiz in/near the Buffalo, NY area. Date, Time & Location will be posted here,
as well as Other Resistance Masses in The Buffalo, NY
and St Catherine’s, Ontario areas also see:
‘Soldier of Christ’
@ Brian’s you tube page here:
click on ‘videos’ when you get to his site
for all announcements& videos in order.

Sunday Reflection – 4th Sunday after Easter 2016

given by Fr. Richard Voigt

The Father Sends the Son; the Son sends the Spirit of Truth.

“Non progredi, regredi est” which means not to go forward is to go backward. The Father
has established the plan that rules the world and in that plan of love He called upon His
Eternal Son to enter our flesh to give testimony to the Truth. The Son is the Way, the Truth and the Good Shepherd Who will guide His sheep to the kingdom. Now He is with us to reveal the
battle which encompasses us today. It is a global conflict and no one is exempted from the
fray. You and I are meant to be here now and to fight for the freedom of the sons of God.

In the Father’s plan there are no accidents only provident provisions to offer graces to each
of us to defeat Satan, the roaring Lion who seeks our souls. Our task is to conquer the evil one
by our praise of the Holy One. Give God glory and seek to save as many souls in this lifetime as
it may be possible for us. Everything appears to favor the sinful side of man. Pleasure, riches,
popularity are calls that few seem to resist. Heaven is entered by the narrow gates and few
there are today that find them. This is why the Holy Spirit must be sent to us. We are to live
the life of Christ and not be captured by deceits of the evil one.

Jesus has given us the testimony to the truth that we like Him are to love and glorify the Father and are to enter into the unitive life through the purgation of all our attachments to sins, persons, and
pleasures. The Holy Ghost will lead us to the conviction that sin is nothing more than the heart’s
denial that Jesus, the 2nd Person of the Blessed Trinity, is God. For if He is God then all should
hear and heed His revealed word. The Holy Ghost establishes Justice in that our Lord is seated
at the right hand of the Father. Finally, the Holy Ghost points out that there is a judgment and
that judgment no one of us can escape. Our time is short and the writing is on the political wall.
There is not one candidate that seeks to present the will of God to us.

We are watching in our day the presentation of evil in the candidates that wish to wield the power of the United States. Each of them ought to be convicted of sin for they deny Christ by their very
lives and their words. Each of them manipulates in order to control the people of this wonderful
country. In reality both Sanders and Clinton ought to be incarcerated for life. So what do Catholics
do in this situation–prayer and penance. Turn to the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate
Heart of our Lady. Forget the political system of the USA for it is corrupted by the Jewish elite
who determine whom they wish to win this election. Revolt in prayer as did Hungary and challenge
the sensual culture by many rosaries.

More things are achieved through prayer than this world can comprehend and so our reflection
encourages you to a perpetual novena of rosaries to expiate for the innumerable abortions, the
assassinations, the lust, the greed, the egotistical mania sweeping the country. All of this argues
that the hell which was intended for the afterlife is now presenting itself to us as a judgment.
Soon the sin of denying Christ His Kingship over our nation will cause the Justice of God to
come upon us in judgment. The Judgment offers us a choice between heaven and hell. If
we turn to our Lady and follow the will of the Father then happiness will follow. If we think that
evil men and women can lead us to peace then all hell will break loose in our streets and blood
will flow like a river.

Remember when the Spirit of Truth shall come He will teach you all truth. All will be made
manifest and soon. Our hope lies in our faith. Our love lies in our Lady. Our quest is to
conquer the evil one and secure our souls in the bosom of the Father. Time is short and you
have but one soul. If you save that one soul, you will be happy forever. If you attach yourself
to sin, then you have lost the greatest desire any soul could have: to love God with your whole
heart, your whole mind and your whole strength. Love and praise God intensely in the days
to come and do the penance for heaven’s sake.

In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Fr. Richard Voigt

Our Lady Help of Christians – Utica, NY Mission


Traditional Catholic Mass  †  Utica Mission


Bookmark their website and visit them for Masses should you be in or near the area. Always check in with them to see if the Mass times and/or locations change; such are these Catholic times we are living in. God love you all and may His Mercy be upon us as we continue to pray.


This post originally posted @ Our Lady of Good Success Mission:

Easter Mass with Fr Ortiz
4 March 2016
Our Lady of Good Success Mission in Toronto, along with members of the Resistance in Buffalo, would like to invite you to Holy Mass offered by             Father Juan Ortiz on Easter Sunday.

We would like to thank Brian Torsell for coordinating the arrangements for this Mass. Brian can be contacted for further information at or at 716-908-5257.

Confessions will be at 5 pm, Mass will be at 6 pm. A conference and potluck will follow.

The address is 6777 Main St, Williamsville, NY 14221

Traditional Catholic bishops consecrated at Ecône in 1988 [Video]

Deo Gratias, Archbisop Lefebvre!

Bishop Fellay: Quo Vadis? 😦

Pray for The Consecration of Russia  to The Immaculate Heart of Mary.



Got this email moments ago from A Faithful in Canada:

Fr Joseph Pfeiffer

Dear Friends,

Mr. Pfeiffer (Father Joseph Pfeiffer’s father) has been taken to the hospital. It is heart related. Please pray for him and Mrs. Pfeiffer.

God bless,