Bishop Williamson Conference Q&A November 5, 2014 St. Catharines ON, Canada

I couldn’t disagree with Bishop Williamson more regarding his references and opinions about The Resistance. “…are in all kinds of trouble”, some people benefit from The Novus Ordo (illicit at best, IMHO) and Fr Zendajas getting his support for doing ‘his own thing’. Up to now, I’ve been supportive of Bishop Williamson, just not with his nonsense in this conference.

He needs to get off his good intentions and get the fire and the bite back and consecrate Holy men to be Good, Holy Catholic Bishops to help The Blessed Mother restore The Holy Catholic Church through promoting and praying for The Consecration of Russia to The Immaculate Heart of Mary as She instructed to Sister Lucy (the real one!) in 1929, and saving souls by teaching The True Faith without con-silly-er watering down and heresy.

God help Bishop Williamson, Bishop Fellay, Fr. Zendajas and us all.