Third Lightning Strike of St. Peter’s Basilica: What Does It Mean?

From The Crusaders of The Immaculate Heart Prayer Website:


Yes, it happened again. This morning in Rome, on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, a lightning bolt hit the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica.
“The bolt hit the dome of St. Peter’s at approximately 9:20 am., as a strong rainstorm passed through Rome. Vatican police confirmed the strike. No damage was reported.
“Those close to the Vatican, from Swiss guards to local shop owners, felt the shock.
“I was in the shower and heard what sounded like a loud thunder clap which lasted a few seconds and seemed to shake everything. I knew it was storming but it sounded more like an earthquake than a thunderstorm,” said one resident.
Most of us will remember that lightning twice struck St. Peter’s dome when Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation of the papal throne. The date of his announcement? February 11—the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.
If there is a message from God in the lightening that struck St. Peter’s (for the third time, on yet another feast day of Our Lady’s), it is this: Shirking the true duties of the Church and of the papal office will save no one. “Ecumenism” will save no one. Adapting the ways of the world will save no one. Making grand concessions to those who are—objectively speaking—in heresy, or schism, or mortal sin will not save souls. For my thoughts are not your thoughts: nor your ways my ways, saith the Lord (Isa. 55:88). What, then, shall save the Church and the world from the terrifying descent in which both are caught?
The answer is clear and wonderfully easy: Heed all of the “requests” of Our Lady of Fatima. (N.B. I’ve said it elsewhere, but it bears repeating: In the original Portuguese, the Virgin used the word “pedido,” meaning “order” or “command,” as in a “request” made by a superior to a subordinate. As we can see, Our Lady gave her commands with both a motherly and queenly grace.)
Simply stated, Our Lady of Fatima has waited almost 100 years for the Vicar of Christ to heed her requests for the following:
• Worldwide devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
• Papal promulgation of the Five First Saturdays of Reparation for the five major blasphemies committed against the Virgin’s Immaculate Heart.
• The public dissemination of the Third Secret Text.
• The solemn and public collegial consecration of Russia (and Russia alone) to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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Let us Continue the Good Work we Have Started Remembering: GOD WILL BE THE VICTOR!

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Dear Crusaders,
With all the evil in the world multiplying and advancing with lightening speed it is easy to be cast down, however, let us not forget that the devil’s days are numbered and GOD WILL HAVE THE VICTORY!
Let’s be sure not to lose hope or the will to continue persevering in this fight for the consecration of Russia, the restoration of the Church and the conversion of sinners which we as a collective group of Catholics began 6 years ago.
The devil is pulling out all the stops because his time is up, the last grains of sand are falling through the hourglass of time which God has allotted him, so, we will see much evil for the next year or so but Our Lady has assured us of her victory. May all keep the Faith and never give up.
Truth Always Wins
“The universe is the work of God. He reigns over it, and every happening is according to the plans of His providence. When we believe that desertion is going to be general, we forget that a little faith is enough to give faith to the family of Jesus – like a little leaven makes all the dough rise. These extraordinary events where the mob wields the ax to undermine the work of God, serve marvelously to show His omnipotence. In every country will be seen what the people of God saw. When the Lord was wanted by Gideon to show His power against the Midianites, He had him send back most of his army. Three hundred men only and those without arms in order that it could be seen that the victory was God’s. This small number of Gideon’s soldiers, is the number of the faithful elect of this century.
You have seen with the saddest astonishment, my children, that out of all those called, the greater part, like Gideon’s army, remained weak, timid and fearing to lose their temporal interests. God sends them back, for use in His justice. God only wants those who give themselves to Him entirely. Do not be surprised at the great number who quit. Truth wins, no matter how small the number of those who love and remain attached to Him.”

Fr. Demaris, Missionary of St. Joseph, at Lyon, France, 1801

Prayer To Drive Back Enemies of The Son of God & Holy Mother Church

Holy Mother


“A BAD LAW IS NO LAW AT ALL” = Injustice in Kentucky

I received this email earlier today from Crusaders of The Immaculate Heart, but had trouble getting on WordPress in time to be current.

“A Bad Law is NO Law at all.” – St. Augustine

Dear All,
Father David Hewko will be leading the recitation of the rosary, today Saturday September 5th, at the court house where Kim David is being held in prison for not giving out gay “marriage” licenses.
If you live in the area please consider joining him.
The poster made by Suzanne calls it a rosary crusade which is of course not correct. But it is the recitation of the rosary publicly for the rights of God.
Please consider attending if you can.

RIghts of Man


I am praying my Rosary in union time with Fr. Hewko and those praying with him, because does not live in the constraints of time and space as little humans must; He is All.

Man has put himself in the place of God. May Kim David be freed and this sinful  scourge and unjust “law” be lifted, by the grace of God and The heel of The Blessed Virgin Mary.

God’s Rights: God made Adam and Eve.

History has proved time and time again that nations become extinct where homosexuality is the “norm” –  79 AD Mt Vesuvius at Pompeii is a huge example as well as Sodom and Gomorrah.

Our Lady of the Rosary = Immaculate Heart of Mary, ora pro nobs!


From His Excellency Bishop Williamson to All Crusaders

BWilliamsonFrom His Excellency Bishop Williamson to All Crusaders Church and world are in a situation of unprecedented distress. This is because mankind has turned its back on God. Mankind without God has lost its way and evil is taking over day by day. minute by minute. Many of us know this. From eternity Almighty God foresaw this situation. As St Louis Grignon de Montfort predicted in the 18th century the end times were coming in which God would want His Mother to play a special part in saving mankind. Sure enough amongst her many interventions in modern times Fatima stands out. As promised at Fatima Our Lady came back in the 1920’s to give through Sr Lucy and through the Catholic Church God’s simple solution to man’s overwhelming modern problem: the Pope must consecrate Russia with the bishops of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And Our Lady made it clear that on this consecration God makes the solution of the massive problem of Church and world to depend. It follows that if God allowed any other solution to work He would be making his mother a liar. That is out of the question, obviously. That consecration of Russia must take place if the Devil is not to take over completely Church and world. The performance of the Consecration depends on Pope and Bishops. Since the 1920s they have refused to perform this Consecration because they have preferred human politics to the Divine solution. Is there anything that the priests and laity can do ? There are two things. The first is to pray, especially the prayer that Our Lady keeps asking for, almost whenever she intervenes, and that is the Holy Rosary. Fifteen Mysteries a day are for many adults is more easy than they think, and they are more than three times more effective than five Mysteries a day. The second thing that priests and laity can do is fulfill the requests of Our Lady for the performance of Confession, Communion, a five-Mystery Rosary and 15 minutes of meditation on each first Saturday of the month. If only enough Catholics would do what Our Lady asked for, she could obtain from her Son the necessary grace for the Pope and the Bishops to perform the Consecration of Russia. Until this Consecration is done as God requested through His Mother, the rising tide of evil cannot be stopped. May God bless all souls who will pray, however little but regularly and insistently, for the Consecration of Russia to take place. It will happen, Our Lord said in 1931, but it will be late. By the devotion of Catholic souls may it happen as soon as possible ! Bishop Williamson