Dominic Better!!!

Thank you to all who prayed – please keep him and his family in your prayers a little while longer – although he is breathing on his own and getting stronger, more prayers appreciated. This rare genetic heart condition runs in the family and has taken the lives of Mother and two other children. God bless all.

UPDATE: 2-16-2014


More good news! They are going to get Dominic up and walking today, he will soon be able to eat, and if he continues such good progress they may do the surgery on Tuesday! Thank you all so much for the prayers and support! It means so much:)


UPDATE: 2-18-2014

From Dom’s sister

“Minor set back with Dominic. He has an infection, so they will not do the surgery today:( Hopefully in a couple of weeks when the infection is cleared up from antibiotics. I will keep you all posted! Continued prayers would be great!”