The Church, The True Faith Most Maligned

[When speaking of public scandals:]
“Don’t be surprised at anything. People and waywardness go hand in hand.
The Church has nothing to fear because even if all were to conspire
to overthrow Her, the Holy Spirit would still uphold Her.”
– Don Bosco

The Holy Name of Jesus

“I am more hurt by blasphemy than by a slap on the face. Even in hearing confessions,
I feel so bad after listening to two or three such sins that I can no longer endure it.”
– Don Bosco

The Feast falls on The Sunday between The Circumcision and Epiphany.

January is dedicated to The Holy Name of Jesus.

Call upon this rich prayer: “JESUS” hundreds, even thousands of times each day, and make reparation for insults to His Holy Name always; especially during this month.