Cuomo threatens lawsuit over federal abortion changes – WHO IS HE TO DECIDE THAT BABIES SHOULD DIE?

“Any country that accepts abortion, is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what it wants.”
St. Mother Teresa

Gov Cuomo is a baby murderer by choice: he is challenging President Trump over funding for abortions (A.K.K. = Baby Butchering!).


A Baby is a LIFE forming at the moment of conception.

What has happened to the country and our leaders?

What kind of scared rabbit is Cuomo that he’d rather sentence innocent children to a cruel death instead of standing up to the abortion mills and misguided women who think abortion is just another way to rid themselves of caring for a baby so they can go out and screw around again. In all fairness: for you Mothers who were raped or forced with incest, please give your unwanted baby a chance with a loving, adoptive family, if you cannot do it yourself.

Gov. Cuomo: let the babies live. You are a scared rabbit because you are terrified of the murderous abortionists. You are afraid of loosing your cushy home and live-in, “friend” if you would choose to stand up for the lives of innocent children.

New York is a sad place, indeed. I’m ashamed to call it my home.

I will pray for you.

America hasn’t got the guts to say “NO!” to butchering babies. YES: BABIES.

Stand up America!    Save your souls and the souls of these little ones.

That is, IF YOU HAVE THE LOVE AND GUTS to do so.

Toss your hot chocolate and give your support to a Governor who will save lives.

Our Lady of Guadaloupe, Pray for Us!


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