Statement from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Seminary concerning Archbishop Ambrose Moran

I am late to post this, because someone only brought this to my attention recently.

I’d like their reasons; hopefully, it is because they recognize Ambrose Moran not to be a Catholic Priest or anything else he falsely claimed. Otherwise; it would be good to know why he was rejected. God’s Will be done.

Statement from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Seminary concerning Archbishop Ambrose Moran – Communiqué du Séminaire Our Lady of Mount Carmel concernant Monseigneur Ambrose Moran

Posted by Filii Mariae on November 7 2015, 20:34pm

Open Letter from Fr. Voigt about Boston, KY mess

Taken from CathInfo – this is a link to the reference of the letter of Fr. Voigt:

This was where I could obtain the link to the letter.

The letter PDF link here:

Fr Pfeiffer said Fr Voigt left because he asked him to leave.

Fr. Voigt does not specifically say that he chose to leave; but it reads to me as though he decided he could not stay there any longer. That is just my take from his letter; not anything more.

I am no Pablo fan. That is my own opinion.

Otherwise; finger pointing and someone is not telling the truth: wow.

Pray. I know I am.

Implications of Canonical Recognition of SSPX by Archdiocese of Buenos Aires – Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer

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Implications of Canonical Recognition of SSPX by Archdiocese of Buenos Aires – Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer

Thank you again, Brother Joseph.

St. Pius X Fathers Pfeiffer, Chazal and Hewko – Apostles of Jesus and Mary

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Where is The TRUE Catholic Church? Wherever The True Faith is being kept.

Learn what it is; not what Concilliar Vatican II Teaches = Evil, Huggy-Wuggy Ecumenism, instead of being Soldiers of Christ as we are bound to be by the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Pray for Pope Francis. He is truly lost in his folly. Lord have mercy on us all.

Calling the Police

Calling the Police

May I start by saying I am a long time reader of TIA and thank you very much for your contributions to Catholic Society.

I personally have been seeing the meltdown of the Faith in my own family, as many Catholics have, and this is recently manifesting itself more gravely than ever.

I had only, by the grace of God, found Tradition 7 years ago when I left the Conciliar Church and the novus ordo to attend SSPX Masses here in Tennessee, knowing I was not joining a ‘group’ but attending the very best Mass I could find.

Last year, when I found out that I could be conditionally confirmed by Bishop Williamson, only a 3 hour drive away from us, I opted to make the trek with my family, then only to be ‘forbidden’ by my priest that if I went then he would not be able to ‘guarantee’ a spot for my son at the First Communion ceremony scheduled two weeks following,…(click to finish reading on, Tradition in ActionSite). — > Scroll down page to, Calling The Police.



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Wednesday, February 04, 2015 10:41 PM
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Hello Adrienne,


The Mexico City priory is in urgent need of funds or their location will be lost. We are asking 5 people to donate $2,000 each so we may have the down payment to purchase the property. A deadline has been set of February 5, 2015.

To make an emergency donation please call Rose, Chief Administrator of the Resistance @ 816-807-0607



P.S. Thank you and God bless you from Fr. Pfeiffer for the donations to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

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PLEASE PRAY we do not loose this Seminary! – Adrienne