Can You Sign This Document?

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Can You Sign This Document?
by Br. Joseph
In this sermon, the 6th of a series published from the Retreats for Men in the Resistance given in June 2014, Father Pfeiffer gives many important lessons.

A few examples are worth noting.

Hermenegild was a Spanish prince who had to make a choice. He could accept Communion from an Arian priest or die. Since that priest was a heretic, Hermenegild decided that he was unable to take Communion which would denote his acceptance of the heretical teachings. Bishop Fellay has issued the April 15th Declaration which contains heretical statements (which Father Pfeiffer details). Hence, following the example of St Hermenegild, we cannot accept the Sacraments from Bishop Fellay and, by extension, from SSPX priests who represent his policies (see our prior article).

Father notes that Pope Pius X wrote a Motu Proprio in answer to modernist conclusions that various encyclicals did not contain a penalty, therefore could be disregarded. He wrote that people who disagreed in any way with Pascendi, The Syllabus of Errors and other key encyclicals were already excommunicated and that seminarians holding these views could not be ordained. What did the Vatican II “theologians” have to say about these documents? They called Vatican II a “Counter-Syllabus”. Therefore, we can infer that Modernists are already excommunicated and that Modernist Rome must be avoided until it comes back to the Catholic Faith. Clearly, we cannot seek an agreement or recognition!

Father then notes that throughout the history of the Church (Old Testament and New), people were given a choice of accepting a heretical doctrine or being martyred. Father concludes by asking the men in the retreat this question: Can you sign this document (April 15th Declaration) or be beheaded?

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What Makes a Heretic?

Preaching heresies? Demonstrating heresies? Alluding to heresies?

Hmmmnnnn…  I guess what makes one or does not make one a heretic in these times is decided by popular opinion, rather than standing or not standing upon Church Doctrine and True Catholic Teaching.

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Our Lady of Fatima, ora pro nobis!

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There Was an Old Woman Named Nan

“You shall not destroy your conceptions before they are brought forth;
nor kill them after they are born.”
– From the Letter of Barnabus

“Those who use abortifacients commit homicide.”
– St. Clement

“An unjust law is no law at all.”
-St. Augustine of Hippo