A Brave New World: LIES! SAY “NO!” To The RFID Chip! Save Your Souls!

We are being romanced into the “chip” that will send our souls straight to Hell:


Taken from, The Douay-Rheims Bible: [16] And he shall make all, both little and great, rich and poor, freemen and bondmen, to have a character in their right hand, or on their foreheads. [17] And that no man might buy or sell, but he that hath the character, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. [18] Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man: and the number of him is six hundred sixty-six.

[18] Six hundred sixty-six: The numeral letters of his name shall make up this number.

We are being “sold”a bill of goods on how it will save our lives, ID “Terrorists, etc. That’s the stroking lie: it’s the willingness to take “it” without any resistance! they want by conditioning us this way. There are pros & cons in everything; but this one is submission to The beast = The Devil. God give us strength to say, “NO!”

“When?” NOW:

Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us!

Our Lady of LaSalette, pray for us!

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

Our Lady of Garabandal, pray for us!

Mary, my Hope!

O Immaculate heart of Mary, may your Holy Triumph come soon!

Pray the 15 decades of The Most Holy Rosary EVERY DAY for The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate heart of Mary. EVERYDAY.

Pray for Rome: it is run by Apostates. But, The True Holy, Roman Catholic Church of Tradition lives: The Faith goes on in The Faithful to Christ and His One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church.

†Save your souls.



Our Lady of FatimaAlthough I recognize that The Office of Pope is by election, and I recognize his “Authority”, (unless and/or until it may be proved Pope Benedict XVI was coerced out of office and would still be the true pope, such as He is,), Pope Francis deserves my disobedience in view of his Apostasy from The Holy Roman Catholic Faith of Tradition = TRUTH. He is destroying what is left after the rubber stamp of Vatican II set up by infiltrators: freemasons and other demonic groups. I believe this Pope “could” be the opposite of St. John The Baptist who announced/ushered in the coming of Christ; but this Pope will be ushering in our worst nightmare: Antichrist. That is only my opinion. Antichrist is a man and he will come; it just seems to me this Pope who does evil deeds is just the one to qualify for the position of precursor. I do to know how much worse it has to get.

I pray for his conversion and for him to finally make The Consecration of Russia to The Immaculate Heart of Mary as She officially told Sr. Lucia (the REAL Sister Lucia) at Fatima that She would ask. She asked Sister to tell the Pope in 1929. It hasn’t been done by any of The Popes since then.

Get your Rosaries out alone and in groups; whatever you possibly can do, and pray for The Conversion of this man and to do The Consecration Of Russia to The Immaculate Heart of Mary post-haste.

Physical chastisements are on the way; we already are loosing our Church, clergy and religious, The True Mass & Valid Sacraments and our families.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, may your Holy Triumph come soon!

Catholic Church in Syracuse, NY Becomes a Mosque

Story found here:

Catholic Church in Syracuse becomes a mosque:

God be merciful Shame on our “Catholic”, or should I say, Concilliar “Bishops” for selling our beautiful Holy Roman Catholic Churches to pagans, infidels and every kind of Protestant stripe that comes along. Shame.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, may your Holy Triumph come soon!

Pray for The Consecration of Russia to The Immaculate heart of Mary, everyday. She will defeat Satan and there will be no more of these abominations.

“A BAD LAW IS NO LAW AT ALL” = Injustice in Kentucky

I received this email earlier today from Crusaders of The Immaculate Heart, but had trouble getting on WordPress in time to be current.

“A Bad Law is NO Law at all.” – St. Augustine

Dear All,
Father David Hewko will be leading the recitation of the rosary, today Saturday September 5th, at the court house where Kim David is being held in prison for not giving out gay “marriage” licenses.
If you live in the area please consider joining him.
The poster made by Suzanne calls it a rosary crusade which is of course not correct. But it is the recitation of the rosary publicly for the rights of God.
Please consider attending if you can.

RIghts of Man


I am praying my Rosary in union time with Fr. Hewko and those praying with him, because does not live in the constraints of time and space as little humans must; He is All.

Man has put himself in the place of God. May Kim David be freed and this sinful  scourge and unjust “law” be lifted, by the grace of God and The heel of The Blessed Virgin Mary.

God’s Rights: God made Adam and Eve.

History has proved time and time again that nations become extinct where homosexuality is the “norm” –  79 AD Mt Vesuvius at Pompeii is a huge example as well as Sodom and Gomorrah.

Our Lady of the Rosary = Immaculate Heart of Mary, ora pro nobs!