Calling the Police

Calling the Police

May I start by saying I am a long time reader of TIA and thank you very much for your contributions to Catholic Society.

I personally have been seeing the meltdown of the Faith in my own family, as many Catholics have, and this is recently manifesting itself more gravely than ever.

I had only, by the grace of God, found Tradition 7 years ago when I left the Conciliar Church and the novus ordo to attend SSPX Masses here in Tennessee, knowing I was not joining a ‘group’ but attending the very best Mass I could find.

Last year, when I found out that I could be conditionally confirmed by Bishop Williamson, only a 3 hour drive away from us, I opted to make the trek with my family, then only to be ‘forbidden’ by my priest that if I went then he would not be able to ‘guarantee’ a spot for my son at the First Communion ceremony scheduled two weeks following,…(click to finish reading on, Tradition in ActionSite). — > Scroll down page to, Calling The Police.



JMJLuke 23:34
And Jesus said: Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. But they, dividing his garments, cast lots.




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29 April 2014

Holocaust Denier Bishop Richard Williamson Finally Convicted


At the sixth and last step of a long judicial process, the Nuremberg Tribunal in Germany confirms its judgment.

Unless there is an appeal with the European Court in the next four weeks – which seems unlikely – the conviction of Bishop Richard Nelson Williamson is now final. The Regional Superior Court of Nuremberg, in south-eastern Germany, rejected his final appeal and he must pay a 1,800 euro fine for Holocaust denial, of which he was convicted at trial in Regensburg, January 16, 2013 and on appeal on September 23 of the same year.

According to a statement from the Court, the last resort of Richard Williamson was dismissed on April 11, after “review” of the decision, which “did not reveal any procedural error to the detriment of the accused.”

Rest of article in French here and here.

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Please pray Rosaries and help the good Bishop any way you can:

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