‘Holiness is something so great and precious that one cannot pay too much for it.’

– St. Claude de la Colombiere

Firstly: I am a sinner and I Thank God Who is in His Heaven that The Church is for sinners and not for Saints.

Still:  I cannot tell you how sick to my stomach I am over the accelerated, continual destruction of Holy Mother Church and The True Faith given by God The Son, The Redeemer Who suffered, died and was buried, Who Rose from the Dead by His own Power as The Son of God and Ascended into Heaven on The Third Day. The auto-destruction didn’t begin with Vatican II — it began centuries ago and was just “rubber stamped” at the council. (1962-65.). Since then, it continued to tear down The Holy Catholic Faith of Tradition, increasing steadily with more and more changes that robbed The Church not only of Her Glory, but also by robbing souls for Hell rather than keeping The True Faith pristine and spotless at any cost: for The Salvation of Souls.

Consider The Cristeros as only one case in point, who, (rather than Hollywood’s erroneous movie on ecumenism) gave their lives to fight for Holy Mother Church and The True Catholic Faith of Tradition against The Masonic murderous reign of Terror:

These men, women and children gave their lives for The True Faith.

Pope Francis mocks anyone who is “…too Catholic…” — SHAME!

Go to The Remnant Newspaper and Catholic Family News for daily information of Rome, this Pope, His Bishops and Cardinals, as well as  the majority of priests, religious and wayward “faithful” who are Modernists that have left The Faith and are causing souls to fall into Hell, as Our Lady of Fatima warned Sister Lucia:

Fatima Children


Pray for This Pope and Rome, as well as all of Christendom’s return to Tradition.

No prayers, no Mass, No Faith, No Salvation.


†Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for us!

Fr. David Hewko – Sermon: Sept. 21, 2014 – MARTYRS AND PLAYLIST TO DATE

No bones about it:

You MUST listen to this sermon; Catholic or NOT.

May God have mercy and The Consecration of Our Lady come SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

mp3 can also be downloaded at:  In This Sign You Shall Conquer

Fr David Hewko: Sermons on HELL & MARTYRS Audio & Video MUST LISTEN!!!

These are in mp3 format- they will take you to In This Sign You Shall Conquer:

Sept. 28, 2014, Boston, KY, Hell mp3 – opens on In This Sign You Shall Conquer; also video above.

Sept. 21, 2014, Philadelphia, PA, Martyrs mp3 – opens on In This Sign You Shall Conquer