The Remnant Newspaper: “Our Father Wrong?”

Oi vey! This Pope is absolutely NOT CATHOLIC!  He goes too far, IMHO.

Please pray for His soul and Salvation. He is teaching anti-Catholicism.  He does NOT have the right or the power to the Authority to change The True Catholic Faith of Tradition and all that goes with it. He cannot. Period. – Adrienne

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Thanks to The Remnant Newspaper:


Cardinal Sins: Resisting Pope Francis (Episode 11)


‘Since they are unwilling to be deceived, they are unwilling to be convinced that they have been deceived. Therefore, they hate the truth for the sake of whatever it is that they love in place of the truth.’  – St. Augustine

IMHO: it took many years to gt to this point; Vatican II must go and I pray for Francis’ conversion and to step down, NOW! – Adrienne


Pray to our Lady of Fatima. If you don’t know about Her; look Her up instead of a crappy movie. Get with it; The World is in deep trouble.


Pray The Rosary – 15 decades. NOT The Luminous nonsense. Pray hard.